SUNMI has won three international design awards

  • SUNMI OS, our fully optimized android-based operating system, successfully won the German IF design award and Red Dot design award!
  • SUNMI T2 Pro (X2)  (device for Asian market), won the 2020 Red Dot Product design award!
Both commercial operating system and intelligent commercial hardware being awarded, SUNMI is particularly proud of its design strength!

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SUNMI has donated one million RMB in value of smart portable devices

Since January 2020, the epidemic situation in China with coronavirus has affected the hearts of all people.

It is urgent to fight against the epidemic! After only 10 days of construction, the Wuhan Huoshenshan hospital has been officially built. With a capacity of 1000 beds, today (02 Feb) the newly diagnosed patients with coronavirus began to be admitted. At the same time, another hospital (Leishenshan) is under construction!

 Facing this particular time, health and safety have become our most concerns. SUNMI is on the move! By fighting against the epidemic and overcoming the difficulties together! 

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Loyverse (POS Software and Inventory System ) connects with all built-in SUNMI printers.

We’re so excited to announce that from now on, you can easily connect the built-in printers by selecting SUNMI in the Loyverse POS app printer settings.

Loyverse counts with a full set of Apps to fulfil all your needs as a business owner and now its also available in all SUNMI terminals.

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Sunmi T1 wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2018

Recently, the winners of the 2018 German iF Product Design Award have been unveiled.

We are very proud to announce that, Sunmi desktop POS terminal T1 wins the Design Award. Adhering to the concept of ‘Coexistence of Products and Environment’, Sunmi product has been fully accredited by the leading authorities from the world industrial design community again.

Sunmi T1 is the only Android flagship product developed with Qualcomm solution in the industry. The hardware and operating system of T1 has been redefined. With the innovative dual-screen and dual-interactive system, T1 is rated as the Advanced Technology in Cash Register.

Looking forward to 2018, we will create more innovative ideas on industrial design and keep the design concept of ‘coexistence of products and environment’. Sunmi Tech provide more intelligent commercial devices to all of our partners with excellent design, superb performance and advanced technology.


Sunmi Cloud & App store – 2017 data Report

We are very proud to announce that Sunmi App Store exceed 3000 apps now! Sunmi App store now is the biggest app store for commercial apps.

By 2017, Sunmi Cloud includes 4430 app developers and more than 3000 apps. Moreover, our apps have been downloaded over 3,000,000 times. Our application market is growing continuously and we have the largest numbers of business scenarios apps worldwide.

The key success of Sunmi Cloud is because we have a stable and secure system. Our cloud has been recognized by plenty of app developers and has attract a large groups of payment companies and software enterprises. In the year of 2017, the number of Sunmi partners was growing rapidly. At the beginning of 2017, we only have 1374 partners’ accounts but we reached to 4430 developers by the end of December.

Our application market contains most of the business scenarios including retail, restaurant, tool, payment, e-commerce, food delivery, logistics, travel, financial, electronic invoice, group buying and hospitality. Various apps from business scenarios lead Sunmi meet the demands for most of clients and merchants.

At the beginning of 2017, there were only 876 apps in Sunmi application market while by the end of 2017, the number of apps increased by 343% to 3004 apps.

All of Sunmi devices (V1, T1, M1, P1 & D1) can be registered under a sunmi cloud account. For specific, the majority of Sunmi cloud accounts are registered with V1. Sunmi V1 as our first handheld device include scanning and printing which is very popular for restaurants to receiving order and it supports QR code payment. Sunmi has become the Android POS leader in 3 months because the market share of V1 is huge.

The apps from app store has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times. Food delivery, payment restaurant and tool apps were the most popular.

In the year of 2017, Sunmi Devices has spread to 83 countries across the world including Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, etc.

Our devices have been sold in most cities and regions across China including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, etc.

From the Sunmi Cloud and App Store annual report, it is clear that we have great achievements in the year of 2017. We have attracted thousands of app developers. We have all kinds of apps that was designed for different business scenarios and our apps has been recognized by clients, merchants and our partners.

The purpose of this report is to make app developers, software providers, and distributors to know about Sunmi Cloud and our app store. Sunmi Cloud will make valuable for your work and business. We really appreciate all of our partners and we wish you to join us!

Sunmi Tech- the greatest potential enterprise in New Retail

Strarting in 2016, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba create the concept ‘ New Retail’, in his words, “the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain.”  Many people think New Retail as “online going offline’.

In the traditional retail, it is consumers went to the product. While, since the development of e-commerce, it is the products to consumers. Online and offline could work seamlessly to benefit both consumers and retailers. Since Alibaba opened its first cashier-free retail store, consumers could purchase all the products not only physically in store but also shop online by using interactive screens at each table. Moreover, consumer pay automatically without cashier and no queues.

In the years of 2017, the New Retail enterprises and its related products has expanded rapidly including hema supermarket, eleme (online delivery app), Sunmi Tech (Intelligent commercial hardware) and many others.

We are very proud to announce that Sunmi has won the Top 50 greatest potential New Retail company. According to the website iheima -an innovative integrated service platform for entrepreneurs, who pronounce that Sunmi is one of best New Retails companies in product and services from over 10,000 competitors.

This big event started from Dec, 14th including over 1,000,000 customers and over 30 investment organisations. They will look at 5 dimensions including the innovation, growth, brand influence, business models,  the founding team for each enterprises in order to make sure the equity and authority of this Top 50 New Retail Competition. 

This reward is the motivation for Sunmi Team to  keep forward to provide the best commercial hardware solutions for New Retail. We aim to let all of our partners enjoy the convenience of science and technology.




The Mission of Sunmi – A Significant Link of Mi Ecosystem

With amazing performance-cost ratio and the its high-standard specs and features compared to iPhone, Xiaomi`s unique flash sales model makes its products sell out in seconds. Furthermore, thousands of fans participate  in Xiaomi`s product launch event, which witness the popularity of Xiaomi.

Ambitious Xiaomi, at present, is doing the great job and trying to change the stereotypes of “Made in China”, which was always regarded as low-quality and copycat. Recent years, Xiaomi has steadily built a constellation of companies concerning intelligent hardware. A variety of intelligent hardware will exist in the form of incubation through investment by these companies to complete the hardware layout. They call this “Xiaomi Ecosystem”

By the end of 2016, Lei Jun(the Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi) announced that the Xiaomi ecosystem now is comprised of 77 companies and generates annual revenue amount to 15 billion RMB at the China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference. At present, 30 companies have released products, 16 reached billions RMB annual income, 3 reached over 1 billion, 4 companies evaluated as more than one billion US dollars.

To become a significant link of Xiaomi`s ecological chain, Sunmi focus on not only the products themselves but also the corporate philosophy. Through strictly evaluating the quality of the software / hardware and the management team, Sunmi has became a crucial part of the Xiaomi`s ecosystem.

Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co., Ltd is a technological innovation-based enterprise that has been focusing on providing O2O internet platforms, software developers, and traditional businesses with professional intelligent commercial hardware equipment that featuring high level of cost performance.

Sunmi Tech “Born to intelligent commercial equipment”, helps O2O platforms and software developers on better serving entities and merchants through intelligent hardware products researched and developed by itself, and provides offline merchants with intelligent commercial hardware solutions of the mobile internet age. “Sunmi , stand by you” is our brand concept, which means we will make the business more intelligent together with our partners.

Sunmi Tech is the first internet enterprise in the commercial application sector that has received 2 successive rounds of financing from Xiaomi Tech. We also received the strategic investment from outstanding internet enterprises such as and YouShop during Round B. Based on several years of experiences on the R&D of commercial hardware, the Sunmi group hopes to integrate the upstream and downstream supply chains, cooperate with resources on the internet platform, and bring values to the partners as well as the new commercial civilization through ultimate hardware product experiences.

Our Positioning

Born to intelligent commercial equipment

Our Strengths

Background resources of Xiaomi Tech,, YouShop and other strong sharehold-ers

CITAQ technology team with 16 years of experiences in terms of production and marketing of commercial POS hardware

Our product has been honored with the German IF International Design Golden Award which has been given the name of Industrial Oscar

Outstanding hardware production, R&D and supply chain resources from Xiaomi Tech

Highly-safe Android Operational System that has been particularly developed for intelligent commercial scenes

Customize the exclusive App Store based on business requirements of developers

The team for developing highly-efficient iterative intelligent commercial software and hard-ware