SaaS trends, Sunmi plays KEY role again.

SaaS (Software as a Service) has shown strong upward trends in recent years, and is predicted to increase at an exponential rate. In 2015, sales of SaaS products are $8 billion, $12 billion in 2016. Research analysts forecast a growth to $16 billion in 2017, and till 2026, it will reach amazing $55 billion by continued growth year over year.

What’s led to this? Shifts in technology, particularly mobile devices and reliance on digital, says Gartner.
Forbes: “SaaS technology will replace infrastructure-and platform – based services as the dominant computing solution for businesses by 2018. “
SaaS programs are downloaded like any other mobile or tablet Apps over the internet; restaurants/retail store could choose or even customized a SaaS program.
SaaS POS (point-of-sale) is the most popular SaaS program for restaurants and retailers, below is the reason why they choose SaaS POS:
1. Less Investment
Traditional POS requires business owners to invest in computer hardware and software which may cost tens of thousands of dollars.
SaaS users pay a monthly or annual fee to use the program of their choice, which is typically designed for consumer-grade Android or IOS devices, like Sunmi T1.

2. Free Choice
Most business owners are complained about the high costs and frustrations of upgrading and maintaining a traditional POS system.
SaaS users don’t have this problem. If the POS program is not satisfied, they can cancel it at any time without losing their investment, and then install another one at the same hardware.

4. Unlimited Access
Cloud POS systems allow restaurateur/retailers to access all of their POS system information freely because SaaS POS software is accessible online.
Through SaaS, users can log in to their accounts from anywhere, through any devices with internet access, and connect with their data in real time. This flexibility is not available through traditional POS and is a huge help to owners and operators who are constantly on the go.

5. Data Security
Traditional POS system stores all the data, including complete and unencrypted credit card and customer data that is vulnerable to hackers. Also, on site servers are limited by their storage capacity.
Since SaaS systems rely on cloud-based servers, they offer an unlimited amount of storage space. Also, most cloud-based POS systems have high-level encryption processes that do not require credit card data to be saved in the system.

6. Flexible and Adaptable Software
Cloud-based POS, is designed to be responsive to changing circumstances. Adjusting your device layout or adding new menu items takes moments, not hours, and changes sync to all connected devices instantly.

We should also notice that a complete SaaS project contains Cloud systems, SaaS product and intelligent devices.
Cloud systems allow owners to access analytics to improve their sales and service from any device with an internet connection.
SaaS products give business owners the most thoughtful features, automatically.
Intelligent devices allow ordering, checking and paying all the functions to be made faster, and more accurately.

The whole world focus on Cloud systems and SaaS but ignore that all the functions need an intelligent device to realize. So in spite of so many advantages, SaaS still feels new to most restaurants and retailers, because they cannot find a single device that could meet all the request.
That’s why we built Sunmi. We want to make the best Android POS devices, compatible with all SaaS programs, built-in necessary components (scanner, printer) to achieve all functions.

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