Just Launched- SUNMI T1 mini

T1 mini- born for small business scenarios


This year, we will reach a rapid pace of launching at least one new product every month, providing SUNMI fans, app developers, and investors with instant smart commercial devices. More importantly, we aim to make contributions to e-commercial industry.

Sunmi T1mini – Beauty and Powerful

All SUNMI fans, app developers, investors and distributors can get the latest product info on Sunmi official website. Simultaneous sales in China and oversea will start around Chinese New Year (Feb 16th, 2018).


Comprehensive functions and easy to use

Small stores can’t display large complex equipment, and have a high pursuit of efficiency with the cashier, such as mobile payments access, verification, receipt printing, merchandise output and input warehousing.

Sunmi T1mini can match an optional 58mm / 80mm thermal printer, NFC reading card, built-in camera, QR code customer display. All of the above needs can be met in one device.

58mm thermal printer

80mm thermal printer

Built-in camera can scan QR code quickly

QR code shows on display can be scanned by customer easily.


Perfect for multiple scenarios with premium quality

Many shop-owners in the market need to move their stalls, they need a device that could access network. Beyond configuration of LAN cable access, Sunmi T1 mini not only supports Wi-Fi, but also includes optional 3G module– achieve mobility anytime and anywhere.

Strong hardware configuration

Sunmi Chief Designer- David Protet’s next breakthrough design

With an increase of entrepreneurs who are born after 1980s and 1990s. They aspire to personality and aesthetics. Our cheif designer David Protet has designed over 1000 products, his products has won German iF Design Award and Red Dot Award for several times. T1 mini designed by David Protet will surprise you again.



This product just launched, please click “read more” for consultation on  Sunmi official website.