Just Launched- Sunmi Blink

This time we launched a fully customizable, disruptive design QR code scanner which has overturned the traditional barcode reader. Let’s see what are the differences.


Disruptive design- Break the traditional thinking

Get rid of the monotonous and dull images from traditional barcode scanner on the market, Sunmi Blink includes 45° angle scanner with aluminum border in order to provide a more attractive image and humanized design for customers.

Individual Customization

Sunmi Blink can be customized at your will in three areas: pedestal cover, frame and camera frame.

Examples of fully customized scanner

Examples of customized pedestal cover

Sunmi Tech recognized that all the logos above copy rights reserved by the original owner.


USB interface -PNP(Plug-and-Play)

The barcode scanner used the USB hardware solution and is adapted to the operating system of Windows, Android, Linux or other different system equipments. The system will not jam and reset even at a high frequency.

High sensing speed of QR code

The speed of QR code scanning as one of the evaluation criteria for the quality of barcode reader. The sensing speed of Sunmi Scanning Box is less than 0.1 seconds, which enables customers to scan to pay faster.

Moreover, the perfect combination of sensor light and buzz sound for reminding the state of payment which provides consumers a better payment experience and increases clerks’ efficiency.



The Scanning Box has been launched officially through our official website at present. Sunmi offers premium quantity and disruptive design at the best price. Welcome to reserve it now!