SUNMI has donated one million RMB in value of smart portable devices

Since January 2020, the epidemic situation in China with coronavirus has affected the hearts of all people.

It is urgent to fight against the epidemic! After only 10 days of construction, the Wuhan Huoshenshan hospital has been officially built. With a capacity of 1000 beds, today (02 Feb) the newly diagnosed patients with coronavirus began to be admitted. At the same time, another hospital (Leishenshan) is under construction!

 Facing this particular time, health and safety have become our most concerns. SUNMI is on the move! By fighting against the epidemic and overcoming the difficulties together! 

SUNMI donated 1 million RMB in value of L2 handheld data terminals

To help fighting together the epidemic situation, SUNMI decided to donate 1 million RMB value worth of L2 handheld data terminals to the Leishenshan hospital.

The SUNMI L2 devices will be mainly used for data collection to ensure the smart management of information regarding patients, diagnosis, treatments and nursing; this in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment efficiency. Recently, SUNMI L2 equipment has been adjusted and information preparation has been carried out among the team of Leishenshan hospital.

In front of this epidemic situation, every minute counts. At its opening, Leishenshan hospital may have to use for 24-hour and non-stop the equipment.

In this way, the SUNMI L2 adopted a Qualcomm chip, which highly improves the stability and performance of the whole device. No matter how long the machine works, the performance of the L2 will not decrease. With its IP67 protection level, it does not damage when falling at a 1.2m height. Strong three-proof features (dust-proof, waterproof and fall proof), help the medical staff to cope freely with the harsh environment.

Wuhan being in quarantine; in terms of logistics, the Wuhan hospital has issued a transportation pass to Sunmi for easy shipment. Wuhan charity will arrange a special person to receive materials in Leishenshan hospital. SUNMI will continue to provide follow-up technical support and consulting services to the hospital staff.

In this way, SUNMI hopes to be a supplement support to fight against the epidemic and to provide strong support to the front-line medical staff!

Ensure the health and safety of every employee Safety precautions for SUNMI

On January 20, SUNMI urgently responded to the call of national health and safety prevention to create a safe working environment for SUNMI employees all over the world:

● Setting up a coronavirus emergency working group as soon as possible, and start a plan for epidemic prevention and control;

● The working group conducts daily statistics and follow-up on the situation of employees at home and abroad;

● SUNMI’s office in China will be back to work on February 10; the office area will be fully disinfected; employees will need to carry out dynamic temperature monitoring and strict hand washing and disinfection procedures before they go to work, all of them having to wear masks and change them regularly.

We hope to provide a more secure working environment for SUNMI’s employees and help each one to protect itself and its family.

Wuhan overcoming difficulties

In this Chinese New Year festival, where family reunions are the tradition, many doctors stick to the front line of the fight against coronavirus in order to make millions of families finally reunited.

SUNMI pays tribute to all the medical workers, and hopes the Sunmi L2 can help them to respond efficiently and powerfully to this crisis situation. We hope that our support will make front-line medical workers more secure.

We sincerely thank the staff who are struggling in the front line, and also thank to every partner for their trust in us.