SUNMI releases its first professional tablet : the M2 Max!

SUNMI Rolls out Professional Tablet M2 MAX specifically for commercial use and multiple applications

Sturdy, rugged enterprise-grade tablets are riding the crest of a digitization wave as market demand keeps growing for such gadgets catering to applications in restaurant, retail, logistics and warehousing.

SUNMI M2 MAX, a new enterprise tablet rolled out by emerging IoT giant SUNMI Technology, is exactly a product that fits into this category. With an exquisitely designed appearance, strong performance specs and accurate market positioning, M2 MAX looks set to carve out a niche in a market replete with competition.

Unlike big names such as Apple, Huawei or Samsung that produce consumer-facing tablets, SUNMI’s M2 MAX is built specifically for clients in a variety of “vertical” industries, from restaurant and retail to logistics and manufacturing.

How well M2 MAX performs in different fields

A daily occurrence at restaurants is that diners tend to tip over glasses or sauce bottles, soiling or damaging the tablet with which to take orders. To prevent damage or unwanted disputes, M2 MAX is designed to be water- and scratch-proof. Equipped with a screen using high-strength Corning Gorilla Glass, M2 MAX is able to withstand a one-meter drop from the table. In a further sign of the designers’ attention to details, M2 MAX also allows for operation by wet hands, meaning chefs in the back of the kitchen can also touch on the device without getting their hands dry.


Another important use case for M2 MAX is in retail. For customers entering a store and clueless as to what to look for and where to find their desired purchases, SUNMI is there to help. Information like the location of designated goods on shelves and how many units remain in stock is at fingertips as M2 MAX processes customer queries in a split second.

By sorting through SKUs for items related to customer descriptions, M2 MAX proves even capable of generating extra sales. As a sign of the versatility brought by a set of accessories, M2 MAX also comes with a scanner handle and a cradle. The handle enables scanning of barcodes in inventory, while the cradle, when attached to the tablet, can be turned into a POS terminal for checkout purposes.


A prized feature of an enterprise tablet includes not just impressive specs, but also the device’s lengthier hours in service. With battery packs that can last up to 12 hours and stand by for 20 days on a single charge, M2 MAX promises to be in action for longer periods. In addition, the use of new quick charge technology shortens the time for a full charge to within four hours.

Durability and ruggedness are central to what logistics and warehouse workers expect of their tablets and that’s where SUNMI outshines a number of competitors. Its M2 MAX, which can be mounted atop a forklift, more than holds its own in a demanding environment like a warehouse, where its protective casing can break the fall or reduce the impact of a collision as the driver moves stuffs about the factory floor.

In a warehouse teeming with activity, a store manager armed with a M2 MAX will find it much easier to handle a constant stream of incoming orders. Its touch screen reacts to the user’s moves even with the gloves on, a necessary feature for keeping track of inventory and improving the efficiency of warehousing.


Contrary to consumer electronics makers whose products are largely used in the comfort of homes or offices, an enterprise tablet that boasts ruggedness, long battery run time and premium specs can be counted on to satisfy the most discerning users. SUNMI M2 MAX ticks all these boxes and better still, it carries a lower sticker price than competitors’. These characteristics combine to make the model a value-for-money buy, offering a bit more variety in choices and helping businesses thrive.



SUNMI, with its core value “altruism,” is an IoT company that leads the innovation of intelligent hardware for business. Founded in 2013, it is a company dedicated to providing intelligent IoT devices and integrated solutions combining software and hardware to empower business owners. It also sets sights on building an interconnected business world to finally achieve business 4.0. SUNMI provides a full range of intelligent hardware solutions based on Android’s operating system for commercial applications.